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Name: Dr Christian Siodmak

  • Ph.D and Medical Doctor, Medicine at Paris University, France
    Heart and Vascular diseases
    Medicine of Sports
    Behavioural Psychoanalysis
  • Architecture, Fine Arts of Paris, France
  • Health & Higher Education Programs & Project Management;
  • Hospital Management;
  • Project Design Monitoring & Evaluation;
  • Health & Education Policy, Procedure & Planning;
  • Health Information Systems;
  • Hospitality & Incorporated Lifestyle Systems Strategic Management;
  • Psychoanalyst of Behavior (Jung);
  • Coaching;
  • 30 years experience as Departmental Head, Consultant and Manager.
Language pairs : E/F/P/R

Location: Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Hongkong, Shanghai, HochiminhCity, Hanoi, Hue, Cantho

More about Dr. Christian SIODMAK MD PhD

Dr Christian SIODMAK studied both Architecture and Medicine at Paris University, France. He finished his PhD after research on Toxicology and Environment. Among the youngest Departmental Heads, he managed his career between medical practice and teaching, taking on the evolution of the modern hospitals (General Management, incl. Accounting & IT Management).

However aware of the prevalence of wellness, since 1984 he collaborated in the establishment of operations implementing seawater therapy centers and sports centers, included in high standard hotels in France, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia, connecting his medical experience with his business marketing and management expertise.

Besides his medical expertise, Dr Christian SIODMAK also has high competences in the fields of Business and Human Resources through his professional experience as Corporate Coach in collaboration with International Consulting Companies.

Arrived in Vietnam 7 years ago, Dr Christian SIODMAK has worked in Hanoi notably for Hanoi French Hospital, American International hospital project, MedTech Academy, Hanoi National University, then in Ho Chi Minh City, for Air Transport Service (HEMS – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service project), Law consulting firm to support clients. He could help the alliance between Hoa Sen University and UPEC Paris XII University with as positive issue the implementation of Master 1 and 2 degree education (opening the way to the doctorate) in Informatics for Industry in Vietnam which will be launched officially as soon as 2012 (HSU-HCMC).

Main Achievements:
  • Managing Director of Air Transport Study Project, BigBig Trans Uni-Bros Branch, Vietnam;
  • Consultant Coordinator, BWLaws Uni-Bros, Vietnam;
  • Professor in Hospitality and Tourism, Hanoi National University, Vietnam;
  • Director, International MedTech Academy, Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • General Director, Keystone Investment and development Co. Ltd, Vietnam;
  • Medical Director, Hanoi American International Hospital, Cau Giay district, Vietnam;
  • Deputy Director, Fine Arts private Museum, Ha Tay Province, Vietnam;
  • Operation Director and Hotel General Manager, Dong Luc Group, Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Operation Director, ODC Travel, Hanoi, Vietnam;
  • Medical Director, Hanoi French Hospital, Vietnam;
  • Medical Director, Relais Thalasso Ile de Ré, France;
  • Cosmetic Surgeon, Linia Group - France - UK - Netherlands;
  • Owner Practitioner, Angiology Clinic - France;
  • Department Head, Fondation Franco Américaine, France;
  • Chief of Mission, NGO - Africa - Asia - Central America.
Current Position:

As of May 2011, Dr Christian SIODMAK has joined the Board of Directors of Saigon Business Corporation Pte Ltd (SBC), Singapore, as Executive Director and will be in charge of the company's Operations in Singapore and Vietnam.

Apart providing Consulting Services on the 3 main areas of expertise in Health Care, Higher Education and Hospitality Management, Dr Christian SIODMAK is also the Owner at SBC-ACHEVA* Healthcare Investment, Development, Management Masterplan Concept.

This concept is the result of a seven-year-survey on Health & Higher Education Systems within the ten countries of ASEAN.

SBC-ACHEVA proposes over 170 projects in Health Care & Wellness, International PR, Hospitality and Tourism using Higher Education as a bridge between Educational Structures and Industries.

Part of this concept includes implementing in Vietnam nationwide an Emergency Medical System, including Helicopter Emergency Medical Service, waterway boat ambulances, and inland ambulances with medical crew.

The projects - ready for implementation - are looking for potential investors or donator-countries and are to be led by our team of YourVietnamExpert Consultants under the direction of Dr Christian SIODMAK.

Other activities include:

Exclusive representation for Green4Care in Southeast Asia:

The service of Green4Care propose to take care of redundant medical equipement considered as obsolete by modern western hospitals. Green4care can step in and remove these items safely, legally and free up space and capital for all those medical institutions. These items can be refurbished, traced and repaired and offered to other countries as charitable contributions. Some devices that are not re-useable are broken up safely and disposed of in an environmentally accepted manner.

Any generated profit is used to cover the costs of this service and are redistributed between medical institutions and charitable foundation. Many third world medical institutions would benefit greatly from this service.

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